Hureaulite & Rockbridgeite

Jocao Mine, Galileia, Minas Gerais, Brazil


Complex specimen with well crystallised pink Hureaulite accompanied with a little Rockbridgeite. Excellent hureaulite crystals for such a rare specie and little has come out of this famous manganese pegmatite deposit since the exceptional find in the mid 1990's. Additionally the specimen has a small area of individual tan coloured crystals that  look under the microscope like Stewartite - needs testing. Also blue-green stellate crystals around rockbridgeite nodules look like Beraunite.

Formulas: Hureaulite Mn2+5(PO3OH)2(PO4)2 . 4H2O ; Rockbridgite Fe2+Fe3+4(PO4)3(OH)5

Status: Sold

Dimensions: 47x13x23mm

Size: Miniature (M)

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